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There are still more than 5% of men at the age of 40 that have complete erectile dysfunction and that number has been steadily increasing at a rate of .02% a year-furthermore, about 15% for men around the age of 70.
The average statistics state, that erectile dysfunction affects approximately 10% of men per decade.
For women this is categorized as Female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD) and is becoming more alarming at 20% of the general population.
Women who suffer from this symptom lack the ability to maintain arousal until the completion of a sexual activity.
This can occur at any stage of life... you are not alone.

about pillkings


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In the late 1990's there was an explosion in the market with the creation of the little blue pill which became the fastest selling drug in America generating sales of $1.8bn while at the same time overcharging patients in dire need.

With the remaining patents recently expiring for good many generic companies have now jumped on the bandwagon searching for their piece of the pie while neglecting the overall health of the consumer.

Profits have taken precedence over well-being and the ever-prominent side effects ranging from headaches, stomach pain, high blood pressure, hypertension, nausea and in some cases even more significant downsides like heart attacks have been overlooked in the race for greater profits.


Pillkings was first imagined in 2019 by two childhood friends as an opportunity to combat corporate greed and to distribute great sexual health and wellness supplements.

Within our first year of operation we have expanded our team to include a research and development department solely responsible for creating some of the finest formulas derived from mother nature.

Our entire staff is proudly composed of a combined 700 plus years, worth of friendship. And we wouldn't want it any other way.
There is no greater feeling than waking up and doing something you love than doing it with those that you love most.

We believe that the ethical job is to empower individuals across the globe in achieving maximum satisfaction and that well deserved confidence.
All of our products are presented with clear, comprehensive information in order to give control back to the consumer.

Based out of New York City, with operations in Florida, Long Island and California we now have distribution network that spans the globe.
With operations currently opening in Nevada, Kansas and Australia; we have amassed a rolodex of wonderful contacts along the way.

Our Mission

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We are a dedicated company working on improving formulas and combating many of the worlds needs through natural supplements.
Pillkings is determined to bring the public affordable, prescription free options and advice on those hard to talk about subjects.

No more embarrassing, awkward moments at your doctor's office, trying to explain your troubles.

No more attempts at acting casual as you approach the pharmacist with your prescription.

Best of all, no more trying to avoid your partner's sexual advances due to the humiliating feeling that comes with a disappointing performance.

Since our initial launch we have expanded our line of products to offer a supplement for each and everyone's specific needs.

We are now proud to say that we carry over 150 top brands that have been tried and tested by our in-house staff.
Products that range from a mild formula - for the novice - to an intermediate for casual users and highly potent varieties for individuals that require a stronger effect.
For us, the best part is being able to help you and your partner become closer through the power of touch.

Pillkings is a global brand here to remove all of those uncomfortable situations by putting you back in control of your sex life. Order in complete privacy and let us take it from there.


Our main goal for 2020 is to expand our line into dietary supplements and increase our overseas presence while maintaining our roots and beliefs.

Pillkings is also dedicated to giving back to those that touch our hearts the most and is in the process of establishing a fund for children with cancer.
There is no greater pain for us than the pain of watching a child have to suffer.

When we look back 20 years from now what will our footprint on the planet be?
The seeds of hope that we plant today will bring rise to the children of tomorrow. Even though we don't always get to see the fruits of our labor we are still responsible for doing the work.


Together we can make the world sexy again!

Let's create peace and love for all of human kind!